Air Duct Cleaning

You can improve business productivity if your employees, clients, customers and visitors are in a building that has clean, fresh air.

It's well known that contaminated air is one of the most common causes of Sick Building Syndrome. Poor indoor air quality can result from biological contamination, such as bacteria, moulds, pollen and viruses that may breed in air ducts, humidifiers and drain pans.

6 good reasons to have your air ducts cleaned:

  • For cleaner air and easier breathing, substantially reducing the chances of illness.
  • Peace of mind- prevents fires that are caused by blockages, due to a build up of dirt, dust and debris.
  • Reducing allergies and diseases caused by moulds and bacteria.
  • Save money on your bills, by improving the efficiency on your ducted system.
  • To remove dust, carbon particles, pollens etc, that causes asthma.
  • To eradicate odours such as cooking smells and cigarette smells.

There are quite a few methods that have been used by individuals in Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey when they perform the process of air duct cleaning. While many of the people that are trained in cleaning air ducts in one specific method, this is not the only one available. Still, it is the one that is almost always used because of its efficiency and effective nature. This is the method that is used by associations that are involved in the duct cleaning process that are especially concerned with making sure that the job as done right. These are referred to as the industry’s standards.

When it comes to duct cleaning or furnace cleaning, the first thing that the service provider will need to do is use specialized tools that he has received training with, in order to remove all of the dirt, pollen, debris and other airborne pollutants from the inside of the air duct and the furnace. Once all of the material has been removed from the pieces, the individual can begin to remove all of the loose particles from the air duct. This is performed with the help of a very powerful vacuum cleaner that is designed with high standards in mind. The vacuum cleaner works to remove all of the material that has been scraped off and knocked off of the insides of the pieces of the air duct, and then in some cases a chemical component is added to the inner lining of the air duct and furnace in order to help prohibit the collection of debris inside, maximizing the potential for the air duct to remain clean. It is important to note that the chemicals should not be used until the inside of the air duct has been properly and sufficiently cleaned and all loose debris has been removed.